Traffic Related Questions

  • How do I find out how much a waiver-able traffic ticket is?

    You can call the Sunbury Clerk of Courts at 740.965.2684 if the ticket was issued into Sunbury Magistrates Court
    You can call the Delaware Municipal Court at 740.203.1570 if the ticket was issued into Delaware Municipal Court. A list of associated costs can be found here.

  • How do I contest a traffic ticket?

    Traffic tickets may be contested by appearing in court on the date and time specified on the traffic ticket. Please make sure as to which court you were cited into before appearing. Juveniles will always appear in Juvenile Court, Adults can be cited into Sunbury Magistrates Court or Delaware Municipal Court.

Telephone Harassment Complaints

  • What do I do If I'm receiving harassing phone calls?

    For immediate results you can change your phone number. When talking with the phone company make sure you ask for your number to be unlisted and unpublished (a fee may apply)! Be careful of giving out the newly assigned phone number!

    If you are aware of the number the call is coming from you can contact your phone company and request that the number be blocked!
    Purchase an add-on screening service from your local phone company!

    A tap can be installed on your line by the phone company and will record all numbers for a period of time. Usually the phone company requires a police report for this. It is a good idea to keep a journal of phone calls. Include the date/time of the call, the duration, what the caller is saying or doing, any background noise, note specific threats if any are made!

Police Reports

  • How do I get a copy of a report?

    Copies of all reports can be picked up in person. We are located at 9 East Granville Street in the lower level of the municipal building located on the corner of Columbus Street and Granville Street.

          We are now starting to upload accident reports for the year 2011.  These reports will be available on our website to view or download.  Click here for Traffic Reports.


  • How do I get my fingerprints taken for civilian background checks?

    The Sunbury Police Department will no longer complete the Civilian Background Check Fingerprint Cards. These will
    have to be done electronically at the Delaware County Sheriff's Office. BCI will no longer accept manual fingerprint cards
    for Civilian Background Cards.

    Please call Jodi at 740.833.2801 to schedule an appointment for any and all fingerprinting.
    Available appointments between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Impounded Vehicles

  • How do I get my vehicle released from impound?

In order to retrieve your car from impound, you must come to the police department to get a vehicle release form. The vehicle release form will have the total amount due in order to release the vehilce. This amount must be paid to the Clerk of Courts on the 1st floor. Upon payment you will be given a receipt to bring back to the police department in order to have the vehicle released.

Impound lot hours are from 9:00AM to 2:30PM, Monday thru Friday. The impound lot and the Clerk of Courts are not open on weekends and holidays!

You may need to bring certain items below before your vehicle will be released:

    1. You will need to bring a valid driver's license and a valid registration for the vehicle.
    2. You will need to bring any paperwork from the court showing that the vehicle has been released and what the conditions of the release are
    3. If your vehicle was towed because of expired plates, you will need to bring in new plates or a new registration sticker
    4. If your vehicle was towed because of expired license, you will need to bring in a valid license or a licensed driver
    5. If your vehicle was towed because of a suspended license you will need to bring in second licensed driver to operate the vehicle upon release from impound lot

Impound fees are $75.00 plus $10.00 each day, excluding weekends and holidays!

Background Checks

  • Background checks can be done for local area residents only. If you live outside the jurisdiction of Sunbury you will have to have your background check signed by another agency.