You can now pay your traffic citations and court costs online.  Just visit  A walk-thru is provided for you below.  You will need the following to pay for citations and court costs:

  • Ticket or Case number and cost of citation*
  • Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card
  • Jurisdiction Code = 8450

* If you have not been to court and wish to pay a citation without contesting the charge(s), you can contact the Clerk of Courts at 740-965-2684 to find the amount of the citation.  If your citation is a mandatory appearance, you must appear before the magistrate before paying the citation.

Enter the Jurisdiction Code of 8450 and click on "Make a Payment"
 Enter the amount of the payment and click on "Continue"- If your not sure of the amount contact the Clerk of Courts at 740-965-2684
Enter personal information and payment information here